Like the film, Fight Club, rule number one, is, there are no rules.

But been realistic, there are barriers you should not cross, when starting a business blog, and there is some things you should do.

Here is 10 points I feel are important.

  1. Have your blog as a helpful site.
  2. Do not slag off your competitor. That will turn readers off you
  3. Do not flood your readers with newsletters.
  4. Write interesting posts.
  5. Get a nice theme for your site
  6. Check your spelling and grammar on each post you write.
  7. Get your own domain name.
  8. Write regularly
  9. Be a little bit personal.
  10. Check your facts.

Ok let’s have a better look at why these points are important.

Have your blog as a helpful site.

Now most of you that are reading this are either in business or want to get into business. There is one thing that business people like and that is money. So when I tell you to give free, yes I said free, advice, do it.

Look at me; I am a web developer and also a blog consultant. I gave free advice here. The search engines will find my site, if I use the correct keywords on my posts. So, the more posts I write, the more keywords the search engines will pick up. The more visitors should find me through search engines.

When the visitors find me, if they find my posts on business blogging helpful, they will return to my site to see new posts. If they decide to either make, or update their own site, well they know me, through my blog, so chances are they will ask me to quote for a job.

If they did not find my posts helpful, they would not have returned, and I would not have got new business.

Do not slag off your competitor.

If you start saying your competitor’s work is rubbish, he could start saying the same about yours. Before you know it, there could be a lot of negative reviews of your work or services on the Internet, which could lead to you losing a lot of business.

Do not flood your readers with Newsletters.

I know newsletters are not blogs, but having a good blog could lead to you having a mailing lists for a newsletter.  Do not send out newsletters every time you have a new product or service, if it’s very regular. People will get fed up receiving them, and they could think your spamming. Best thing, which could happen to you then, is they delist from your newsletter, worst thing is that you get the reputation of a spammer.

Write interesting posts.

It speaks for it self. If you don’t have interesting posts, you will not keep your readers interests. So forget about quantity, go for quality.

Also in your posts do not always be writing about your products; your pages are there for that.

Get a nice theme for your site

If you have the budget, you can purchase a theme, which will be unique for your site. This is suitable for business’s that are selling items, as you can design your theme around your products.

If the budget does not stretch that far, but you still have a few bob, you can get a free theme and get a banner made and upload it, which again will make your site look unique.

If your budget does not stretch anywhere, well then you’re looking at a total free theme. Do not take the first free theme you find, there is thousands out there. I will put links into sites that specialise in free themes, in a later post. There are some very nice themes, if you put the effort into looking for a good one.

Check your spelling and grammar on each post you write.

I am the worst speller and I will never have the command of English grammar, like Shakespeare. A bloggers best friend is Word. Not only has it spell check, but also has a grammar check. So do what I do, write the post in Word, use the spell check tool to check both spelling and grammar. Then copy and paste onto your post.

Get your own Domain name.

Two reasons why you should have your own Domain name.

One is to advertise your business name and the second point, it looks more professional. If your name is not available, get the closest to it, or name the product or service you sell, along with your name. One of my clients named his site. Moodybrothersgardensheds.

He got his business name “Moody Brothers” and what they make “Garden Sheds” into his name

Write regularly

It is pointless writing 3 posts today, no more for two weeks then 2 posts, then none for 3 days ect. Your returning readers will get fed up looking to see if you have new posts. Try and get a routine, of a post every few days, but keep the routine and you will find your readers will get to know when you should have new posts and visit your site.

Be a little bit personal.

You don’t have to tell your life story, unless you want to, but a little bit of personal incite or feelings, should do know harm. Readers, who come to your blog, might be coming for information, but they also would like to be entertained and if they know your views on certain subjects, it can start a good discussion and more activity on your site.

Check your facts.

No matter how much an expert you are, in your field, if you are unsure of something, even slightly unsure, check the facts before you publish your post. Main reason, if you claim something and it’s wrong, your plan of becoming known as an expert is gone out the window. There are a lot of chat rooms ECT that people could be telling the world that you don’t know your facts. If that happens you may as well close your blog.