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Content management systems  known by its shorter name of CMS, is the most popular scripts, for websites.

If a person can type, they can control their CMS script.

Advantages of our  CMS Script

  • Update your site as the need arises.
  • Make regular postings which Search Engines love and hence your business will be indexed more frequetly.
  • Upload photographs and videos easily.
  • Easy to use.
  • Make and delete  categories, as you need to.
  • Type and hit publish, your site or changes are online.
  • Change colour or size of script, easily, for impact.
  • Easy to link to other sites.
  • Unlimited pages or posts.
  • Spellcheck, to check your spelling.
  • Preview your page or post before going live.
  • Support by phone and email

What we offer

  • CMS script.
  • Domain name, in .com, .net, .org, or .info, .ie,
  • Hosting
  • Theme and banner, unique to your designs.
  • Set up and Instructions.
  • Registration of your site, with the major search engines.
  • Emails in your sites name, for both sending and receiving emails
  • Auto responder for your emails, so if a client emails you, the auto responder will send back an email saying you will be in touch soon. (Or what ever message you wish to say)
  • SEO plugins, to help search engines index your pages more easily.
  • Facebook and Twitter logos, linked to your pages
  • E Commerce plugin, to sell items on line.
  • Photo galleries with zoom.

Please note the following.

Hosting. You have a choice of your site being hosted in USA, UK or Ireland.

Domain Names. We can not guarantee your requested domain name will be available. We suggest you submit 3 domain names choices, when you order and we will see which ones are available.

.ie, and other countries domain names, will be supplied at an extra cost. Please e mail your request and we will be happy to quote you for same.



For more information, or to order your site,  please contact us.