People think, if you build it, they will come. This is not a good way of thinking.

If you own a website, you have to let readers know its there.  There is millions of websites, in the World Wide Web, so unless new readers specifically look for your site, with your URL, you have not got a good chance of being found. You need to get your site found, by your keywords, on the search pages. The higher you are on the search pages, the better chance of being found by new readers

This is where SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) comes into play.  Basically search engines, send out spiders to have a look at sites. The spiders will follow the links in the sites, which will bring them to other sites. The search engines look on a site, that has a lot of links going to it, as important as, well more important than a site with less links, linking to it.

This is one factor the search engines look at.  I think there is over 100 factors, that search engines look for, when they try to see how important a website is, but one thing we do know, is Search engines, love new content.

So this is one reason for blogging on your business website, New Content. Search Engines, just love it.

If you write good and informative posts, other blogs might link back to you. If they have a higher page rank than your site, bingo, the search engines will start to think, this site is important.

If readers are looking for information, and you just happen to have written a post on the subject, and you have used the right keywords, they should find your post. If your post has helped the reader, well chances are they will return again to your site. Also, in their mind, you are an expert and helpful in your field, so if they are going to do business, connected to the information they found in your post, well chances are they will do it with you.

Business’s large or small, are normally faceless. Blogging can put the personal touch to your business. Readers, especially if they return regularly, begin to feel that they know you and begin to trust you. (You need to be writing good and helpful, posts, thought) Again, would you not do business with someone you trusted?

These are only a couple of points, I will be writing on this subject, regularly,

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