This WordPress Tutorial is how to put a link on a page or post. Sometimes you may want to link a word to another site or to another page on your own site.

WordPress makes this very easy to do. Just go to the page where you write your page or post, write your article and when you come to the word you want to link, just highlight it. You will notice when you highlight the word, that a link symbol appears above.

First photo, before you highlight the word.

link b4 highlight

After you highlight.

link after highlight

A pop up appears where you write in the website or web page address. Make sure you keep the http:// part on the address.

The title is where you put a description of where the link is going to. Its basically to let the reader decide if they wish to click on the link or not, as when the hover over the link, the description will show.

Click on the open link in a new window/tab, if you want when the link is clicked on, the site is opened in a new tab, so hence your readers do not leave your site.


When your finished, Click on add link tab and its done.

link put on