How to Delete Admin

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With the current bots attack on WordPress.Org sites, security is now paramount. One main advice that experts are saying, to improve the security of your site, is to delete the administrators name, if it is [...]

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WordPress Search Plugin Relevanssi.

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WordPress search, by default, would not be the greatest. If you wish to improve the search on your site, you could use the search plugin, that I use on donaldold.com, Relevanssi There is a free [...]

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Add-To-Any Social Plugin, WordPress Tutorial

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Social network is very important to any business who wishes to promote their business. Business websites have evolved from being, just information about a business, to information and regular postings, using keywords, to enable search [...]

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Send email from WordPress.

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WordPress, by default, sends emails from your site, with the address, wordpress@yoursite.com. It is more professional for the emails to be sent, with an address, something like, info@yoursite.com To do this, you first of all [...]

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How to change WordPress Permalinks

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WordPress default setting for Permalinks are not the best for SEO. The default setting is yoursite.com/p=123. Trust me you want the words from the title of your post or page, to be permalinked. This is [...]

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How to Schedule a post in WordPress

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Search Engines love frequent posts on websites. This helps with websites SEO, so its an important part of running a website. It also helps with readers and clients. But for lots of people, life is [...]

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WordPress Tutorial. Select Text Colours in page or posts.

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Very easy WordPress Tutorial. If you wish to change the text colour of all, or part of, your page or post, just highlight the words you wish to change, go to the letter A Click [...]

How to keep your WordPress site private from Search Engines

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Why, you may ask, would you want to keep your website private. Well one reason is when you are making your site or putting content on for the first time.  You are trying new things, [...]