Search Engines love frequent posts on websites. This helps with websites SEO, so its an important part of running a website. It also helps with readers and clients. But for lots of people, life is just to busy to sit down every day or two and write a post. The way around this is to schedule posts to be published in a future date.

If you have a few hours to spare sometime in the week, you could write three or four posts. You do not want to publish them all at once, you want your readers to come back to your site to see if there is new posts. If they return a few times and do not seen new content, they will stop checking your site, so you have lost a reader.

To schedule a post, all you have to do is, when you are finished your post and seo, go to the publish box and where it says ” publish Immediately” click on the edit link. A new line will appear. sechual

Leave the month as it is. for example 01-Jan the 01 is the first month, not the 1st of January. Second is the date, change to what ever date you want. The year and then the time. I normally change the time to around 7am so I can check and make sure it has posted, before I do other things. Then hit publish.

A nice easy WordPress Tutorial for today, but hopefully useful.