If you are doing work on your site, or even making your site, and do not want the public to view it, until you have it finished. To overcome this problem, you can put your site into Maintenance Mode. When visitors come to your site they will see a theme like the one in the photo.
maintenance mode theme
This not only looks better than a site that is not complete, but it also does not let visitors see the changes you are making, until you are ready to launch your site.It can also tell your visitors,the length of time until your site is ready.

To do this, you need a plugin called WP-Maintenance-Mode. This plugin, lets you, the admin, view your site as normal, so you can see changes as you make them, but visitors see the Maintenance theme.

So to set this up, go to your dashboard, plugins, install new, and look for WP Maintenance Mode. (the link is above) Install and activate it.
On the plugin page, go to the WP Maintenance Mode plugin, and click on settings.
wp maintence settings

In the first box, If you want the plugin to be activated, move it from false to true and hit update.

The next four boxs are for a count down, that is the theme will show something like, Please try back in 60 days, next day it will say 59days and so on.
In the unit box, you might want to show just an hour, if you have your site in maintenance mode for a short time period.You have the choice of hours, days, months and even years.
In the theme box, you can pick the style you would like. Click on the preview box and a pop up shows you the style, you have picked.

In the title box, it has Maintenance Mode written, you can change that if you want, for example Under Construction.

I leave the Header and Heading boxs blank.

Under the Text box, you can change the wording as you wish. This wording is shown on the theme. Be sure not to change any codes.

I make sure the Backend and Frontend Role are set to allow administrator access the site and login area.

They are the boxs I use and I then hit save.
Your site is now in Maintenance Mode. When you login to your site, you get a warning to say your site is in Maintenance Mode, which I find handy, just incase you forget to take the site out of Maintenance Mode