spam small

Do you not hate it. Problems first thing on a Monday and to make it worse, the first day back after the Christmas break.

I came to log into and when I put my username and password into the login form I got the following message, “Error Possible spam bot”

Tried a second and third time, still same result. Tried to get a new password emailed to me, still the same message.

I went onto my php admin and made a new user. Made the new user admin and tried again, still the same problem.

I thought the site was hacked. Then I thought maybe the problem is with a plugin.  I used the Si Captcha Anti-Spam plugin, where anyone trying to login  have to write the code that is shown, bots can not do this. I went onto my file manager and deleted the plugin, and it solved the problem.

So for some reason the Si Captcha Anti Spam plugin thought the code I was putting in was wrong and thought I was a bot.

I never had a problem with this plugin before and I thought maybe it was because  it was not compatible with WordPress 3.5, but it is.

I now have to check and see if my site was hacked, hopefully there is a plugin to check that..

If the site was not hacked, I will ask on the support forum for the plugin, to see what caused the problem and let you know the reason.