My computer was running slow, especially at start up. With my job I had to improve the computer speed.  I knew that there was a lot of programmes that automatically started when the computer started. The reason for this,  is normally when I down load or install a programme I just keep clicking next, during the download process when the box comes up.

How I fixed it, is as follows. (I am running windows xp)

Click on the start bar, click on run,

Type in msconfig in the text box, and click “OK” or press “Enter.”

Then  press start up tab.

. The list of programmes that start when your computer starts is listed here.

If your like me and do not know what half of these programmes are for, be careful, some programmes have to be on when the computer starts up. To solve this, go to this site here, type in the name of the programme, one at a time, that are listed in the start up tab. and it will tell you exactly what they are there for. It will also tell you if you need them at start up or not. Then you can decide if you want them or not on.

I had about twelve programmes starting when the computer started. Now I have three and the speed of the computer starting up,  is amazing.